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Buddenbooks Indexing provides indexing services for a variety of print projects:
general publications, scholarly works, textbooks, reference books, handbooks and reports.

Buddenbooks Indexing ofrece servicios en hacer índices analíticos para obras en el campo académico, para libros de texto, para publicaciones generales y para libros para niños.

Subject matter specialties include psychology; social sciences and services; self-help; history; Spanish textbooks; Chicano/a studies; Mexico; La Frontera and migration topics; international development, and books of general interest.

Buddenbooks Indexing provides indexes

  • Tailored to your specifications for style, length and format.
  • That are reasonably priced.
  • That are delivered on time.
  • In electronic or hard copy versions, or both, delivered as you request.
Sample Indexes:

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